Resources, Interesting Links and Articles

A collection of articles, interesting links and resources have been prepared on this page. Beyond these sites are literally hundreds of websites for other photo collections, usually the holdings of some historical society or library in a specific town or state, or a school. If you know of other good sites along these same lines, let us know by contacting us.


“The Saturday Night Club: Photos of ‘Risque’ Behavior From the Turn of the Century, The New England Journal of Photographic History, no. 172, p. 5. {Note: to link}


Reilly, Care and Identification of 19th-Century Photographic Prints (1986 Kodak)

Baldwin, Looking at Photographs: A Guide to Technical Terms (1991 Getty)

Naef, Handbook of the Photographs Collection (1995 Getty)


The following are major photo collections with major websites, often with detailed descriptions of how they catalogue images. Note: as URL designations change, it is often easier to access the main site via google and then add “photography” to the search